Why You Should Let a Professional Clean Your Area Rug


Whether you live in a humble abode or a much bigger living space, most homeowners know that area rugs are a fantastic investment for a room. These home additions can transform your space into something lovelier and impress guests. They also provide comfort and prevent unsightly scratches on hardwood floors. 

However, like other significant home investments, you must learn to keep it clean. This good habit is especially true if you place your rug in areas with high foot traffic. Although regular cleaning and vacuuming can help, sometimes they’re insufficient to remove the tough stains. Therefore, you must schedule regular professional area rug cleaning. 

If you’re serious about protecting your home’s significant investment, this article will enumerate five good reasons to let a professional clean your area rug regularly. We’ll also answer how often you should schedule a deep clean. 

1. Refresh Older Rug

No homeowner or visitor wants to see an old, dirty area rug on a property. Besides being unsightly, it shows that you didn’t care for it. Fortunately, you can refresh its look with professional area rug cleaning. An expert cleaner can efficiently remove accumulated dirt, dust, and grime over the years. They can also access specialized equipment and cleaning agents to remove stubborn stains. 

2. Maintain the Rug’s Colors 

Your area rug’s colors are essential to its aesthetic appeal. Unfortunately, its constant exposure to foot traffic can make it lose its original brightness. This unpleasant situation also happens with DIY carpet cleaning, where some homeowners try to tidy it with store-bought carpet cleaners or home remedies. 

On the other hand, an expert cleaner will use specialized methods and products to clean your rug while protecting its fibers and colors, helping your home addition look vibrant and fresh for years to come. 

3. Improve Home Hygiene 

Regardless of your home’s size or location, a clean home is essential to health and aesthetic appeal. Allergens like dirt and dust can accumulate in your rugs, negatively affecting your family’s health, especially in members with sensitive respiratory systems.

Fortunately, you can help improve your home’s hygiene by scheduling professional area rug cleaning. An expert cleaner will effectively remove allergens like dirt and dust that can cause respiratory issues and allergies. That way, your clean carpet can create a more inviting atmosphere with its fresh smell and look. 

4. Prolong the Rug’s Lifespan 

Everyone wants to prolong their area rug’s lifespan since it can be costly to dispose of or replace. Regular professional cleaning can help extend the rug’s life by removing dirt and dust that can damage its fibers. It also prevents the carpet from wearing out and fading, helping you save money in the long run. 

5. Professional Rug Cleaning Is Affordable 

Other homeowners don’t schedule professional area rug cleaning because they believe it’s expensive. However, that’s untrue because this essential service is much more affordable than replacing a damaged or worn-out rug. It can also prevent costly damage and extend your carpet’s lifespan, saving you money. 

How Often Should You Schedule a Deep Rug Clean? 

Rugs in high-traffic areas at home need professional cleaning at least once yearly. You may need to tidy it more often if you have pets, children, or allergies. Pets and children can bring in dirt and dust, while allergies can cause allergens and dust mites to accumulate. 

You should also clean your rug immediately if you spill something on it to prevent the stain from setting. Remember that waiting too long can make removing the mark more difficult, which may warrant professional cleaning. 


While homeowners may wrongfully assume that DIY area rug cleaning can help them save money, it does more harm than good. You can maintain your home addition’s best condition for longer by letting a professional handle it instead and knowing the best time to schedule a deep clean. 

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