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​Looking for high quality, affordable Beaverton carpet cleaning? Then we’re your local carpet cleaning heros! Carpet Savers is located right here in Beaverton, OR and we’ve provided expert level carpet cleaning, carpet stretching, carpet repair, carpet installation, air duct & dryer vent cleaning plus furniture, upholstery, area rug and tile & grout cleaning for over 10 years. And with our unbeatable discount offers residential and commercial customers all over Beaverton, Oregon and beyond are saving money with Carpet Savers. Call the local carpet cleaning superheroes, call Carpet Savers at 503-966-9979 (click to call).

Our services for Beaverton, OR

We do lots more than just Beaverton OR carpet cleaning. Below you’ll find all of the professional and affordable commercial & residential carpet cleaning services we offer our Beaverton Oregon customers. Click each heading to be taken to the page about that service for a more detailed description, then fill out our estimate form or call us at 503-966-9979 (click to call) to connect to Beaverton’s number 1, local carpet cleaning professionals – Carpet Savers!

Carpet cleaning Beaverton

Freshly cleaned carpets can literally transform a room from old and tired to new and beautiful. But did you know that your carpet plays a big part in air quality in your home? That’s right. By holding onto dust, pollen, dirt, grime, allergens and irritants your carpet is keeping them out of the air you breath, but like any filter, your carpets need to be cleaned. Call the pros at Carpet Savers 503-966-9979 (click to call) for a professional cleaning that will not only make your pop again, but will improve the air quality for you and your family.

Carpet stretching

Speaking of going from tired and old to looking new and renewed, check out our professional Carpet Stretching Services. We offer a lifetime warranty on our work because we use a power stretcher to lock your carpets back into place, making them firm and tight again. And be sure to ask us about a discount on cleaning to make stretched carpets look even better!

Carpet repair

Let’s face it, life happens and your carpets certainly aren’t immune to the trials and tribulations, especially if you’ve got kids and pets in the mix. Carpet Savers offers professional carpet repair services in and around Beaverton whenever possible. Before you throw in the towel let us see if a patch will restore your carpet to its former glory.

Carpet protection

Are you scared of the idea of a chemical protectant on your carpet? Don’t be! At Carpet Savers we use only safe, non-toxic protectant when requested by our customers. A protectant not only makes your carpet more stain resistant, it extends the life of our cleaning and extends the life of your carpets! Ask us about carpet protection with your estimate.

Carpet installation

First, if you haven’t picked out your new carpet, ask us about a Carpet Savers Discount through one of our carpet supply partners! It’s just one of many ways to save with Carpet Savers. Then let us do a professional installation in your home, condo, vacation house or any living space.

Commercial carpet services

Commercial carpet services customers in and beyond Beaverton, you get the same amazing discounts as Carpet Savers’ residential customers! For carpet cleaning Beaverton, simply call us at 503-966-9979 to get the best deal on carpet services for your store, retail location, office or business. We offer a full line up of professional services and are easy to schedule, so save your business money and get great service with Carpet Savers.

Air duct cleaning

Just like our carpet cleaning for Beaverton OR, our air duct and dryer vent cleaning is top of the line and top notch! With our RamAir Advance Duct Cleaning System. Carpet Savers will purify the air in your home and extract the junk completely, with no chance of re-entry into your living space. RamAir uses compressed air and a sealed vacuum system to fully extract the dirt, pollen, dust, irritants and allergens from your duct system. Click the link above to see how, then call Carpet Savers for professional, affordable duct cleaning.

Dryer vent cleaning

RamAir doesn’t just provide the best air duct cleaning in the industry, RamAir also clears and cleans your dryer vents like a boss. You probably know that a clogged dryer vent reduces the efficiency of your dryer, but did you know it can create a potential fire hazard? Let Carpet Savers power through that lint build-up and get your dryer vents clean, clear and functioning at 100%.

Tile & grout cleaning

Need more than just carpet cleaning Beaverton Oregon? We do tile and grout cleaning too! Build-up on those hard kitchen, bathroom and flooring surfaces not only looks bad, it can be down right gross. Bacteria, mold, allergens and all accumulate on tile and in grout over time. Our Tile & Grout Cleaning Services not only clean your tile and grout, your tile and grout is disinfected, sanitized and re-sealed.

Upholstery cleaning

Pets, kids, red wine, spaghetti and meatballs, chocolate ice cream… all some of the great things in life, unless you’re a couch or loveseat. Carpet Savers professional upholstery and furniture cleaning services are here to rescue your beloved furniture from all that life throws at it.

Upholstery protection

Just like carpet protectant, upholstery protectant can lengthen the life of your furniture along with making it more stain resistant. As us about upholstery protectant options when you call 503-966-9979 for your free, no hassle, no obligation estimate from Carpet Savers.

Area rug cleaning

Hardwood floor provide a classic look, brushed concrete is sleek and cool… but sometimes you need a rug to really get that wow look. And area rugs need regular and professional cleaning from Carpet Savers. On-site cleaning is available or we offer free pick-up and delivery when we clean area rugs off-site.

Area rug protection

Want to make freshly cleaned area rug more stain resistant and have our professional cleaning last longer? How about ensuring the rug itself lasts longer? Well then ask us about area rug protectant. Application of a protectant not only aids in keeping your rug clean, it also extends the life of your rug.

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