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Look no further for the leader in carpet cleaning Hillsboro!

The best Hillsboro carpet cleaning team is Carpet Savers! Residential and commercial carpet cleaning customers in Hillsboro, OR trust Carpet Savers to provide the highest quality work, friendliest customer service and most affordable prices. Of course we do the best carpet cleaning, but Carpet Savers also does dynamite carpet installation, carpet protection, carpet stretching and repair and a full line of commercial carpet services. And if you’re in Hillsboro, Oregon and need air duct and vent cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, area rug cleaning or upholstery cleaning and protection – all with a discount added in, then you need to call the carpet experts at Carpet Savers at 503-966-9979 (click to call).

Our services for Hillsboro, OR

​Check out our full line of quality, competitively priced commercial and residential carpet services for Hillsboro OR and beyond. Carpet Savers has an aggressive discount program, like a New Customer Discount and a Bundled Services Discount. So remember to ask which discount applies to you when you call 503-966-9979 (click to call) for your free, no obligation estimate.

Carpet cleaning Hillsboro

At Carpet Savers, cleaning carpets is job number one! It’s our passion and purpose… it’s why we don the cape and tights (kind of) everyday… to bring you the cleanest carpets anywhere in and near Hillsboro. Dial 503-966-9979 (click to call) to speak to a member of our team or fill out the NO OBLIGATION FREE ESTIMATE form and we’ll get the ball rolling on making your carpets look and feel new. There’s no better carpet cleaning Hillsboro OR!

Commercial carpet services

Does your Hillsboro business need professional carpet cleaning? What about deep cleaning and sanitizing of tile and grout or hard surfaces in areas like kitchenettes and bathrooms? Well look no further! We offer a full line up of commercial carpet services AND the same amazing discount offers that our residential customers enjoy! Look no further for the best commercial carpet cleaning in Hillsboro Oregon.

Carpet stretching

The premier Hillsboro OR carpet cleaning team at Carpet Savers also offers expert carpet stretching. Tired of tripping on the “mole hill” in your living room? With Carpet Savers carpet stretching service your carpet can go from pretty sad to totally rad in just one visit. Our power stretcher will stretch your carpet back to a snug fit, then we’ll lock it into place. And we guarantee work for life! Throw in a discounted carpet cleaning with our Bundled Services Discount and your room will look and feel brand new.

Carpet repair

Did your beloved Fido mistake your living room floor for the backyard and unleash a digging frenzy on your carpet? Before you tear the whole room up, our carpet repair service may be the answer! We can’t stop you from banishing Fido to the back yard indefinitely, but we may be able to stop you from spending too much to re-carpet what can be fixed.

Carpet protection

Once we’ve professionally cleaned your carpets, applying a protectant is a great way to make the clean last long, increase your carpet’s stain resistance and actually lengthen the life of your carpet. Ask us about protectant when we prepare your estimate and we’ll give you all the details and help you make the decision that is best for your carpets and your budget.

Commercial installation

Want a Carpet Savers Discount on your yet-to-be-purchased brand new carpet? Ask and you shall receive! Our contractor’s discount can be extended to you as our customer with a trusted carpet retailer we work with. Then double dip on the discounts when we install it for you – SAVE, SAVE, SAVE with Carpet Savers.

Upholstery cleaning

Chocolate cake and living room couches… red wine and loveseats… dad’s favorite chair and coffee… these fairy tale romances are a beauty to tell the story of, but not necessarily to behold. Let Carpet Savers start a new chapter for your upholstery and furniture with our professional upholstery and furniture cleaning!

Upholstery protection

Increase the power of our professional upholstery and furniture cleaning service by adding protectant to your cleaning. Just like carpets, adding a protectant provides added stain resistance and durability to your furniture and is very cost effective.

Area rug cleaning

We offer free pick up and delivery of your area rug should we need to clean it off site… better yet we can clean it on site, same day. We’ll work for your convenience and around your schedule to get your area rugs looking, smelling and feeling fresh and renewed.

Area rug protection

A longer lasting cleaning, great stain resistance and increased durability can all be yours when you add protectant to your area rug after a professional cleaning from Carpet Savers. We ONLY sell you the services that are right for you and your area rug so we’ll let you know if a protectant is good idea or not with your estimate.

Air duct cleaning

Check out the RamAir Advance Duct Cleaning System. Carpet Savers cleans Hillsboro, OR air ducts with… it’s pretty cool. What’s even cooler is how RamAir keeps any and all debris in your ducts from re-entering your home during the cleaning process. The whole point is to keep that junk out of the air you breathe and RamAir’s closed seal vacuum system is the industry leader in efficient and effective residential air duct cleaning.

Dryer vent cleaning

RamAir also makes cleaning your dryer vent a breeze. The compressed air line blasts impacted lint and fuzz out of your dryer vent, allowing your dryer to work at it’s peak efficiency AND reducing risks of fire due to line, fuzz and fabric in a hot line. RamAir is the bomb.

Tile & grout cleaning

There’s no way around it… over time dirt, grime and gunk build up on your tile and grout. Surface cleaners just don’t cut once the discoloration has started to set it… and that discoloration can contain bacteria, germs, mold and more. Carpet Savers tile and grout cleaning uses high heat and high pressure to seriously clean tile and grout – we’re talking sanitizing and disinfecting, plus the grout is re-sealed in the process!

​Whether you’re searching for Hillsboro Oregon carpet cleaning or other high quality services at affordable prices, Carpet Savers is THE pro team to call!

​Give us a call at 503-966-9979 for your free, no obligation estimate or fill out the form.