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​Portland carpet cleaning, carpet installation, carpet repair, carpet stretching, air duct & dryer vent cleaning along with upholstery, area rug and tile & grout cleaning… Carpet Savers does it all for our residential and commercial customers in Portland, Oregon! And if you’re looking for the best possible deals on carpet cleaning Portland OR, look no further.we have special savings – we love saving our customers money! Here’s the only phone number you need for clean, fresh and renewed carpets: 503-966-9979 (click to call) or use our simple FREE ESTIMATE FORM to unleash the power of Carpet Savers!

Professional services for Portland, OR

We’ve served the Portland, OR metro area for over a decade, providing quality commercial and residential carpet cleaning services from Forest Grove, OR to Gresham, OR and from Ridgefield, WA to Wilsonville, OR. Carpet Savers is dedicated to bringing affordable, high quality services to all our customers in and around Portland Oregon! Call us today for your free estimate – 503-966-9979 (click to call) – we’re waiting to hear from you! Portland Oregon carpet cleaning and so much more, all at affordable prices from Carpet Savers.

Carpet cleaning

Stains, dust, dirt, grime, germs, bacteria, allergens, irritants… none of it stands a chance when you call in the pro team at Carpet Savers for Portland Oregon carpet cleaning. Did you know your carpet acts as a filter for the air you breath in your home? Like any filter it needs to be cleaned regularly, cleaned properly and cleaned professionally. You can trust Carpet Savers to beautify your carpets and let you and your family breath easy with renewed rooms. Plus, we do a lot more than carpet cleaning Portland!

Carpet protection

With the addition of a protectant, you can extend the life of your carpets! Plus it will make our quality cleaning job last even longer and increase the stain resistance of your carpeting… just ask us about carpet protectant when we give you your no pressure, no obligation, free estimate.

Carpet installation

Installing your new carpets is a snap for the experts at Carpet Savers. Your room will look and feel brand new once those brand new carpets are installed. And if you’re in the market for new carpets but haven’t picked them out yet, ask us about a Carpet Savers Discount at one of our trusted suppliers. That’s right, we’ll save you money on the carpet itself!

Carpet stretching

Loose carpets, bumps and runs can make a room look tired and run down… Carpet Savers offers professional stretching that make a room pop! And our carpet stretching service is guaranteed for life – yep, FOR LIFE! Plus we’ll even do a discount cleaning to really make the carpet look brand new.

Carpet repair

Pets are our best friends, but your carpets may beg to differ. Most often the repair work we’re called to do is is from pets working out their anxiety on the carpeting. Carpet Savers will assess the damage and give an honest opinion for the best course of action for your carpets. Throw in a discounted cleaning and often you’ll never even know there was damage.

Commercial carpet services

Carpet Savers offers a full line of commercial services for business customers in the Portland metro area. Contact us about our top quality, competitively priced commercial carpet cleaning Portland and related services for your business, office, store or retail location. And the same amazing discounts we offer our residential customers apply to all of our commercial carpet cleaning and related services.

Air duct cleaning

We go way beyond carpet cleaning Portland Oregon. Just like your carpets, your air ducts play a massive role in filtering the air you and your family breathe in your home. Carpet Savers uses the state of the art closed circuit RamAir Advance Duct Cleaning System to thoroughly clean your ducts and extract the dirt, dust and junk out of your home. With it’s closed circuit and compressed air, RamAir keeps the unwanted stuff from re-entering your home.

Dryer vent cleaning

RamAir not only provides industry leading air duct cleaning, it blasts the built up lint and fuzz from your dryer vents – that not only helps your dryer function better and more efficiently, it also reduces the risk of fire from trapped lint.

Tile & grout cleaning

Carpet Savers tile and grout cleaning services not only deep cleans with high heat and high pressure, our cleaning kills bacteria and disinfects… plus we reseal the grout as we clean, leaving your tile surfaces cleaned, disinfected and renewed.

Area rug cleaning

Area rugs make hard surface floors and the surrounding room look great, and just like carpeting your area rugs hold dust, pollen, allergens and bacteria which provides a filter to the air you breathe. Regular and professional cleanings help area rugs last longer.

Area rug protection

If you want to extend the life of your area rugs, make a professional cleaning last longer and make them more stain resistant ask us about if treating your area rugs with protectant is right for them. We’ll only sell you services you need and that will benefit you, so if it’s not right for your rug, we’ll tell you!

Upholstery cleaning

Often our furniture and upholstery can take an even greater beating than our flooring… especially with kids and pets in the mix. Carpet Savers offers top notch cleaning for your upholstery and furniture that makes quick work of stains and odors.

Upholstery protection

By now you’ve probably guessed what we’re going to say… Protectant = longer life, longer clean and greater stain resistance. This applies just as much to your upholstery as it does your carpets and rug. So let us know if you’re interested in a protectant for your freshly cleaned furniture.

If you’re searching for quality carpet cleaning Portland Oregon, then your search is over! With over a decade’s experience and rave reviews all around, Carpet Savers is your very best option for all services!

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