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We’re blasting tiles in Milwaukie, cleaning grout in West Linn, making floors shine in Forest Grove and are ready to serve you anywhere in the Vancouver – PDX area. Our tile and grout cleaning service goes deep to extract dirt, grime and build up to make your tile and grout surfaces sparkle and shine like new.

Carpet Savers use a combination of intense heat, high pressure and detergent to extract and sanitize your tile and grout flooring. Think of it like pressure washing that disinfects, but also removes the dirt and grime rather than pushing it aside. First, our cleaning process uses a high PSI water pressure to remove years of buildup. Key to that water system is the second component of our tile and grout cleaning process: heat, and lots of it! We use water at temperatures around 250 degrees to loosen and neutralize the gunk and junk you want gone. Finally, our powerful detergent cleans, disinfects and renews your floor surfaces.

No Hidden Fees

All of the Carpet Saver prices are competitive and affordable. We offer multiple discounts on our tile and grout cleaning services. So while your floors might get scrubbed clean, your checkbook won’t be. Our discount offers lay out our many specials for all our quality services including tile and grout. Senior Discount, Military Discount, New Customer Discount? Yes, yes and YES! Our rates are set to make you want to call Carpet Savers again and again for all your tile and grout floor cleaning needs. And if your carpets need to be cleaned too, hit your floors with a 1 – 2 punch by bundling carpet cleaning with your tile and grout cleaning. Guess what? Carpet Savers offers a Bundled Services Discount when you need more than one of our expert services. So that dirt on your kitchen, living room, family room and den flooring doesn’t stand a chance when we’re on the job.

Call now for top quality, professional 3-point tile and grout cleaning service.

Our professional, high quality service

Our cleaning process not only deep cleans your grout, removing the buildup and sterilizing it, our professional grout cleaning actually re-seals your grout. Re-sealing the grout ensures a longer life for your floor and a longer lasting clean.

The best part of our tile and grout cleaning is the polish and shine. When the master tile and grout cleaners at Carpet Savers are done with your tile floors they’ll be glistening clean, shining bright and giving a sparkle that looks brand new.

These before and after photos of an actual Carpet Savers customer’s floor tell the tale of how dirt, mildew, buildup and slime suffer at our expert hand. We extract, clean, sanitize and polish tile and grout with a vengeance.

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I guess we'd just gotten used to how the kitchen tile looked over the years because as the Carpet Savers tech worked on the floor it was like night and day... and it was gross! LOL But in all seriousness, the tile was bright and shiny and the grout wasn't brown anymore. I was honestly shocked, a little grossed out knowing how bad it had been but in the end I was really happy we had Carpet Savers clean the floor.
Jim D.
Homeowner in Happy Valley