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Carpet Savers owner Robert Stanley has over a decade of professional experience... ​There's no better carpet pro to trust for your floors than Rob!

Carpet Savers is truly a family business. Based in the wonderful city of Beaverton, OR we’ve been providing excellent carpet services and outstanding customer service along with unbeatable prices since 2005. With over a decade of experience in carpet cleaning, carpet installation, carpet stretching, carpet repair and a full line of commercial carpet services, there really is no better choice for your home or business than Carpet Savers. 

It’s important to let you know that we’re a locally owned and operated, independent small business. Being local and independent allows us to bring you the very best, most competitive pricing in the Portland, OR – Vancouver, WA metro area. With no franchise fees or excess costs, Carpet Savers is able to offer affordable base prices and create unbeatable discount offers that nearly all of our customers can benefit from.

Safe & gentle, powerful & effective cleaning from Carpet Savers

This is one of the more important promises we make to our valued customers at Carpet Savers: The processes, equipment and chemicals we use in our customers’ living and work spaces are the very same processes, equipment and chemicals we use in our own home. We share this with you because we want you to know that you can trust Carpet Savers 100% with the care AND safety of your home and family or your office, staff and customers. Carpet Savers is a family run business, we’re parents, pet owners, neighbors and family members just like you. That means in our home we have lots of kids, extended family, neighbors, pets, church members, our own team members and more. Like you we want an environment that safe for all the important people in our lives. Our methods and chemicals, while tough and effective, are also completely safe and totally gentle on the senses. When we finish cleaning there will be no harsh fumes or disruptive odors left behind… and no worries about children or pets being in contact with any potentially harmful substances. When you trust us with the professional cleaning of your floors, you not only get the very best cleaning in the Pacific Northwest, you also get the peace of mind of knowing you and yours can breathe easy with no possible eye, nose or lung irritations… just a fresh, renewing and powerful deep clean for your floors, furniture, rugs and air ducts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When should you have your carpets cleaned again?

It’s a fact, carpets regularly cleaned by the pros at Carpet Savers last longer and the overall health of your living environment is improved, but we’ll delve deeper into that last part in the next section. At the end of your cleaning we’ll make a recommendation of when to have your carpets cleaned again, and if you schedule a follow-up appointment within 12 months of your original cleaning, you’ll automatically get our Returning Customer Discount!

Do professionally cleaned carpets bring a healthier living environment?

Not to freak you out, but here’s just some of what could be in your carpets right now: dirt, stains, germs, bacteria, pet dander, pet hair, bugs, mites – sound bad? It’s actually typical because your carpet is one of the biggest filters in your home. Aside from making the floors soft and adding to the décor, your carpets serve the important function of keeping all that junk out of the air you, your family, guests and pets are breathing. But over time filters get full and your carpets are no different. Congestion, headaches, dry eyes, allergies, fatigue, breathing issues can all be symptoms of a carpet in desperate need of a professional cleaning. By letting Carpet Savers be your home’s partner for regular carpet cleanings, you’re ensuring improved air quality throughout your living spaces. You really will feel better and breathe better with regularly scheduled carpet cleaning services from Carpet Savers.

What type of products do you use?

Carpet cleaners has you and your family in mind, our cleaning products and processes are earth-friendly, kid-friendly, pet-friendly and gentle on your eyes, nose and lungs. We trust our home to the safe and industry-best products from Prochem and Pro’s Choice, and we trust our business to the quality, safety and gentleness of those products for your home.

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