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Keep your area rugs looking and feeling great with Carpet Savers area rug cleaning services in Beaverton and surrounding areas. Our professional team will provide a deep clean to your rugs that remove dirt, dust, pollutants, and pet stains – all while leaving your home or office smelling fresh. Call us at (503) 481-3358 today to learn more about our area rug cleaning services.

Area rugs have been a popular choice for home and office decor for centuries. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing but they also play an important role in improving air quality. Acting as a filter, area rugs can trap dirt and dust particles, allergens, germs, bacteria, and other contaminants that would otherwise be floating in the air. This helps to maintain a healthy environment in your home or office space. 

While area rugs are incredibly durable, they do require regular cleaning to keep them looking their best and functioning properly. Regular vacuuming can help remove a lot of dirt and debris, but deep cleaning is necessary to get rid of pet stains and built-up grime that don’t come out with regular maintenance. Regular cleaning by a professional will go a long way in keeping your house looking clean and fresh, and extending the life of your area rugs.

Carpet Savers: The Best Choice for Professional Area Rug Cleaning in Beaverton & Surrounding Areas

At Carpet Savers, we understand that your area rugs are an important part of your home. That’s why we take extra care to ensure that they look their best and last as long as possible. Our professional cleaning services are designed to give your area rugs a deep clean, removing dirt, debris, and stains that regular cleaning can’t reach. 

We use advanced and eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are safe for your rugs, furniture, and the environment. We’ll then apply a protective sealant to keep dirt and moisture away, extending the life of your area rugs. 

When you choose Carpet Savers for cleaning your area rug, you can expect: 

  • Honest assessments of what services are necessary 

  • Clear communication of what those services will involve  

  • No hidden costs or surprise charges when you receive your bill. 

  • Affordable Prices matched with high-quality work and excellent customer service

Unlock the Beauty of Your Area Rugs with Professional Carpet Cleaning Service from Carpet Savers

At Carpet Savers, we understand that no two area rugs are alike. That’s why we offer professional cleaning services for a variety of rug materials and styles. From hand-woven wool rugs to natural fiber carpets and even specialty synthetic fibers–we can clean them all! Here is a list of some of the types of area rugs that we specialize in cleaning:

  • Oriental 
  • Persian 
  • Asian 
  • Wool 
  • Woven  
  • Natural fiber 
  • Synthetic fiber 
  • Specialty fiber 

Experience Clean and Healthy Area Rugs with Our Professional Cleaning Process

With over 15 years of experience in providing impeccable carpet and rug cleaning services, we have our process down to a science. Our team always puts safety first, so our earth-friendly, kid-friendly, and pet-friendly products are free of harsh chemicals that can linger in your rugs after cleaning. We trust the industry-best products from Prochem and Pro’s Choice, specially designed to be gentle on your eyes, nose, and lungs while still providing the deep cleaning that your area rugs need. 

Our Professional Cleaning Process Includes:

Spot Cleaning & Pre-Treatments

Our technicians begin by spot cleaning and pre-treating the area rug to remove surface dirt, dust, and stains. 

Deep Cleaning with Prochem Everest HP

After spot cleaning, our truck-mounted Prochem Everest HP delivers a deep and thorough clean to penetrate through the area rug’s fibers. 

Stain Protection

To help preserve the life of your area rug, our technicians can apply a special protectant for added stain and dirt resistance. 

Blowing & Drying

Our blowers are used to accelerate the drying process so you can get your area rug back quickly and in pristine condition. 

Area Rug Cleaning – Why DIY When You Can Have a Professional Do It?

We understand that you may be tempted to try and clean your area rugs yourself. But this often results in poor or unsatisfactory cleaning results. DIY cleaning can leave dirt and residue deep within the fibers of your area rug, and some DIY techniques even damage the material over time. You might find your area rug looking darb and dull after a DIY cleaning job, leaving your contemplating getting a new one.

Instead, trust the professionals for a deep and thorough clean that won’t leave behind any dirt or grime, and leave your rugs looking like new. When you choose an experienced carpet cleaning business like Carpet Savers, you can feel confident that your rugs will not only be clean and refreshed but also healthier. 

Our advanced cleaning solutions are specially formulated to be gentle on fabrics while effectively removing stubborn dirt and stains. This means no harsh detergents or toxic chemicals are necessary, making our area rug cleaning services safe for both your family and the environment. 

Trust Carpet Savers for the Finest Area Rugs & Carpet Cleaning, Beaverton, OR

If you live in Beaverton, Oregon, and need to have your rugs and carpets cleaned, look no further than Carpet Savers. Our experienced and highly trained technicians specialize in providing advanced and eco-friendly rug and carpet cleaning in Beaverton and beyond.  

We use the latest in cleaning technology to ensure your rugs are not only cleaned but also remain healthy and beautiful for years to come. Unlike other carpet cleaning companies, we guarantee a fantastic job with no hidden costs or surprise charges when you receive your bill. 

We are licensed and insured and committed to delivering the highest quality results. Every job is performed with professionalism, and promptness, and affixed with high-quality work and excellent customer service. So, when it comes to caring for your area rugs and carpets, trust Carpet Savers to get the job done right. Call us now at (503) 481-3358 and experience the Carpet Savers difference. 

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