Area rug cleaning & protection

Professional area rug cleaning & protection services from Carpet Savers

Area rug cleaning & protection service

Area rugs suffer the same trials and tribulations as standard residential carpeting, Carpet Savers area rug cleaning services are an effective and affordable way to keep your area rugs in top shape. Our area rug cleaning service is simple and efficient. We’ll clean and dry your area rug in your home or business, eliminating the need to roll up and remove the rug.

Just like a regular carpet, an area acts as a filter within your home. That’s right, area rugs collect and hold dirt, dander, dust, germs, bacteria, allergens and more. With all that potentially in your area rug, a good shake outside or hanging and beating with a broom really isn’t getting it clean and sanitary. 

When you choose Carpet Savers as your home’s area rug cleaner you can expect a few things from us up front:

  • We won’t try to sell you any cleaning services that you do not need
  • We’ll let you know everything we feel we need to do to best serve you before we do anything
  • We won’t do anything that you haven’t agreed to, so no surprises charges!

No Hidden Fees

We offer the best rates and prices for area rug cleaning and area rug protection in and around the Portland metro area, including Beaverton, Hillsboro, Lake Oswego, Tigard and more! Our service and value are unmatched! No area rug cleaning coupons or online promo codes are needed, just ask us for the discount that applies to you when you call Carpet Savers.

Beautify your beleaguered Beaverton area rug, protect your prized Portland Persian rug, love your luxurious Lake Oswego wool masterpiece all over again with Carpet Savers’ professional residential area rug cleaning and protection services. Call now for your free estimate today.

Our professional, high quality service

Carpet Savers’ area rug cleaning and protection offers the same top quality, professional cleaning service as our carpet cleaning services. Our area rug cleaning process is similar to our expert residential and commercial carpet cleaning process.

We begin with a spot cleaning, both of surface dirt and dust along with any obvious stains. Next we apply an enzyme that will help deep clean and sanitize your area rug. Then the core of our area rug cleaning process begins. Our truck mounted Prochem Everest HP gives a deep, thorough and powerful cleaning that penetrates through the area rug. The steam system extracts the dirt and grime, removing it completely from your living area. And if you want to make our pro cleaning last longer and extend the life of your area rug, we can apply a special protectant to keep your area rug stain and dirt resistant. Our blowers then speed up the drying process so your area rug is back in action in no time.

Running a vacuum over your area rug or giving it a good beating in the garage or on the deck can’t compare to the deep but gentle professional cleaning Carpet Savers can bring to your area rug. And before you go running over to the grocery store to rent the big red monstrosity at the customer service desk, think again. The difficulty of operating one of those on a non-stable surface like an area rug will become apparent to you really quick. Not to mention the fact that your area rug like has special instructions and recommended methods for cleaning. You can trust the professional cleaning expert at Carpet Savers to know exactly how to best clean your area rug and protect it for a longer life.

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