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We’ve stated several times throughout our website that the carpets in your home actually act as a filter for the air you breathe, trapping dirt, dust, dander, germs and more. But your air duct system is by far the biggest and most important filter of air you, your family, friends and pets are breathing inside your home. Sitting in your duct system right are dirt, dust, pollen, debris, germs, dander, allergens and more! You need regular and intense cleaning of your home’s air ducts to keep your family feeling and breathing great. More importantly, you want an air duct cleaning process that directly extracts that nasty buildup from your duct system without allowing it to escape into your home and float about in the air you and your loved ones are breathing.

Just take a look at some actual stills from a video scope of a typical residential duct system.

No Hidden Fees

As a family owned and operated, independent small business, we at Carpet Savers know every dollar counts with your home’s budget. That’s why we have a variety of discount offers for our customers in and around the greater Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA metro areas. You won’t find a better air duct cleaning deal with this level of quality and efficiency. And you don’t need to wait for a special or promotion to get our lowest priced air duct cleaning services, all you have to do is ask. If you need your air ducts clean and your dryer vent cleaned, Carpet Savers is happy to extend our bundled services discounts to you. Improve the air in your home and ensure the safe operating of your dryer, call now.

Breath easy with clean air

An air duct before and after professional cleaning and a before and after shot of a dryer vent.

Professional duct and vent cleaning from Carpet Savers improves air quality and reduces fire hazards.

Less advanced air duct cleaning systems fall short of the efficiency and superiority of the RamAir system for several reasons:

  • brush based systems can damage your ducts by dragging debris through it
  • vacuuming alone doesn’t move and extract as much debris as the RamAir compressed air hose
  • lesser air duct systems can let air duct debris escape through your vents as they operate – this puts the very junk you want removed from your ducts right into your home’s living spaces

Why Carpet Savers use the best: RamAir

Most air dust cleaning systems use some standard combinations of brushes, blown air and vacuum suction to clean air duct systems, and these yield only partially effective results. Carpet Savers brings the big guns to the party with the RamAir duct cleaning system – a closed system using your duct system’s existing air flow, compressed air and a powerful vacuum system to clean your ducts. The following infographic will demonstrate why the compressed air and closed vacuum system from our RamAir duct cleaner matter:

  1. ​The RamAir self-propelled jet hose moves quickly through your duct system blowing the dirt, dust and debris loose and backward as it passes.
  2. When retracted, the hose continues to blow back, FORCING the junk in your ducts back with it.
  3. The RamAir vent cover provides a sealed and closed exit point for the dust, dirt and other particles, allowing them to only get sucked into the vacuum hose and out of your home – NOTHING escapes into your home as we clean your air ducts.

Dryer vent cleaning with Carpet Savers RamAir System

You already know your lint trap has to be regularly cleaned to allow your dryer to operate at peak efficiency and minimize any risks of a potential fire. But did you know the same applies to your dryer vents as well? Obviously your dryer vents are larger and longer, therefore they don’t need to be cleaned with every few uses like the lint trap. But proper and timely dryer vent cleaning is just as critical for function and safety as lint trap cleaning.

Carpet Savers uses the powerful compressed air hose of our RamAir duct cleaning system to thoroughly and effectively clear out your dryer vents – our dryer vent cleaning service is second to none. With the RamAir system, dryer vent cleaning from Carpet Savers is also quick and affordable.

 Check out the infographic to see the results of dryer vent cleaning services in an ordinary home with the RamAir system.

As you can see, RamAir removes a massive amount of lint and buildup thanks to the powerful compressed air blowing backward. RamAir loosens and moves buildup as it’s fed into the dryer vent and then blasts it out as the hose is retracted. And without any brushes or moving parts, just a smooth rounded ball blasting compressed air, no damage, scratching or tearing occurs inside the dryer vent. As for our dryer vent cleaning prices, well you’ve probably guessed by now – we offer competitive and affordable dryer vent cleaning rates to customers from Hillsboro, OR to Camas, WA and all points in between.

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Robert let us watch as he fired up the duct cleaning system. We were amazed at the amount of junk in our air ducts! Watching that thing run until there was nothing left to move was a real eye opener. Carpet Savers did and awesome job and Robert was a real pleasure to work with. We'll definitely hire them again.
Tim P.
Homeowner in Portland, OR