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As the top carpet cleaning company serving Beaverton, Hillsboro, Tigard, Tualatin, Lake Oswego, West Linn and the greater Portland, Oregon metro area, Carpet Savers offers many carpet cleaning solutions to best fit the needs of your home. 

When you choose Carpet Savers as your home’s professional carpet cleaners, you can expect a few things from us up front:

  • We won’t try to sell you any carpet cleaning services that you do not need
  • We’ll let you know everything we feel we need to do to best serve you before we do anything
  • We won’t do anything that you haven’t agreed to, so no surprises charges with our carpet cleaning service!

Our professional, high quality carpet cleaning process

After doing a visual inspection we give you a complete estimate and work order so you can approve all the carpet cleaning services we perform for you. Generally speaking, our standard cleaning process goes like this.

  • We cover your carpets with a pre-treatment enzyme which loosens dirt and debris and preps your carpets to be deep and thoroughly cleaned.
  • Then we use our industry best Prochem Everest HP steam cleaner to dig deep into your carpets, removing all the dirt, grime, germs and all the other stuff our pre-treatment prepped for removal. The Prochem truck mounted system allows us to fully extract the buildup from your carpets and remove it completely from your home with not risk of spilling large reservoirs of dirty, disgusting water like rental machines or shop vacs. 
  • Finally, we can do a protective treatment if you’d like. The application of a carpet protectant helps our cleaning process and the carpets themselves last longer by making your carpets more resistant to life’s traffic – stains, dirt, spills, kids, pets, etc. ​
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First I'd like to say how impressed I was by the team at Carpet Savers. They are professional, courteous, friendly and respectful. When they came into our home they treated it with care and respect. Secondly, the work they did was outstanding. Our carpets looked like new and we were very impressed. They also gave us a senior discount. I really can't recommend them highly enough.​
Donald K.
Homeowner in Beaverton, OR
We had a bit of an emergency situation due to kids, pets and food in our living room. I called Carpet Savers and was able to get on their schedule very quickly. They came out and did an excellent job, I was amazed at how good our carpet looked when they left.
Leanne T.
Homeowner in Vancouver, WA
FIVE STARS FOR CARPET SAVERS! Great work, great price, great company.
Jeff G.
Homeowner in Portland, OR

No Hidden Fees

You don’t need deals, coupons or promo codes to get the best prices with Carpet Savers – we give those to you up front! But don’t let our low prices and free-wheeling discounts fool you… the work we do is top notch! Carpet Savers thrives on our customers’ satisfaction and repeat business, that’s why we offer some of the best pricing you’ll find matched with uncompromising, high quality work and unbeatable customer service. If you’re looking for the best carpet cleaning deals around, give Carpet Savers a call now. You’ve got nothing to lose but the dirt in your carpets!​

Frequently Asked Questions

When should you have your carpets cleaned again?

It’s a fact, carpets regularly cleaned by the pros at Carpet Savers last longer and the overall health of your living environment is improved, but we’ll delve deeper into that last part in the next section. At the end of your cleaning we’ll make a recommendation of when to have your carpets cleaned again, and if you schedule a follow-up appointment within 12 months of your original cleaning, you’ll automatically get our Returning Customer Discount!

Do professionally cleaned carpets bring a healthier living environment?

Not to freak you out, but here’s just some of what could be in your carpets right now: dirt, stains, germs, bacteria, pet dander, pet hair, bugs, mites – sound bad? It’s actually typical because your carpet is one of the biggest filters in your home. Aside from making the floors soft and adding to the décor, your carpets serve the important function of keeping all that junk out of the air you, your family, guests and pets are breathing. But over time filters get full and your carpets are no different. Congestion, headaches, dry eyes, allergies, fatigue, breathing issues can all be symptoms of a carpet in desperate need of a professional cleaning. By letting Carpet Savers be your home’s partner for regular carpet cleanings, you’re ensuring improved air quality throughout your living spaces. You really will feel better and breathe better with regularly scheduled carpet cleaning services from Carpet Savers.

What type of products do you use?

Carpet cleaners has you and your family in mind, our cleaning products and processes are earth-friendly, kid-friendly, pet-friendly and gentle on your eyes, nose and lungs. We trust our home to the safe and industry-best products from Prochem and Pro’s Choice, and we trust our business to the quality, safety and gentleness of those products for your home.

Give us a call at 503-966-9979 for your free, no obligation estimate or fill out the form.


Professional Carpet Cleaners in Portland Oregon

We’re not going to tell you that those rental machines at the grocery store customer service counter won’t make your carpets look clean… here’s what we will tell you, in fact here’s what Carpet Savers will guarantee you:

  • Carpet Savers will do a FAR FAR BETTER JOB than a DIY carpet cleaning or rented carpet cleaner.
  • Your home will be in better shape after we leave than when you return that big, clunky red thing.
  • Your carpets will be cleaner with our carpet cleaning processes.
  • Your living environment will be healthier and cleaner.
  • And in the end, knowing you hired the top PDX carpet cleaning pros will give you the peace of mind of a job done right and you won’t have wasted your time just to save a few bucks!

With our amazing DISCOUNT OFFERS, professional carpet cleaning is more affordable than you’d imagine. Why hassle with a clunky rental machine that may not even do the job when a professional cleaning from Carpet Savers is so affordable? No matter where you are, a professional carpet cleaner has the knowledge, experience and technology to deep clean and sanitize your carpets. You’ve got nothing to lose but dirt in your carpets!

Carpet Savers bring top quality carpet cleaning to Portland, OR. For outstanding Vancouver, WA carpet cleaning – we’re the team to call. In Beaverton, OR our carpet cleaning is the very best! If you need carpet cleaning in Hillsboro, OR look to Carpet Savers for the highest quality work. We offer the best prices on carpet cleaning in Tigard, OR. For the friendliest service in Lake Oswego, our carpet cleaning customers agree Carpet Savers is the ONLY choice.