Carpet stretching

Professional Carpet stretching from Carpet Savers

Carpet Savers can take your old carpet and make it new!

Carpets are being saved and given a new lease on life with carpet stretching services from Carpet Savers. Even though we’re based in Beaverton, carpet stretching services are provided to our satisfied customers all over the Portland and Vancouver metro areas. From Hillsboro, OR to Forest Grove, OR we’re restoring carpets. Lake Oswego, OR and West Linn, OR are in carpet revival mode thanks to our carpet stretching service. Customers in Milwaukie and Oregon City, OR – even Wilsonville, OR and Sherwood, OR are trusting Carpet Savers to stretch their carpets and restore the beauty of their living spaces.

When you choose Carpet Savers as your home’s carpet stretching team you can expect a few things from us up front:

  • We won’t try to sell you any carpet cleaning services that you do not need
  • We’ll let you know everything we feel we need to do to best serve you before we do anything
  • We won’t do anything that you haven’t agreed to, so no surprises charges with our carpet services!

No Hidden Fees

You don’t need deals, coupons or promo codes to get the best prices with Carpet Savers – we give those to you up front! But don’t let our low prices and free-wheeling discounts fool you… the work we do is top notch! Carpet Savers thrives on our customers’ satisfaction and repeat business, that’s why we offer some of the best pricing you’ll find matched with uncompromising, high quality work and unbeatable customer service. If you’re looking for the best carpet stretching deals around, give Carpet Savers a call now.

Our professional, high quality carpet stretching service

Carpet Savers offers a lifetime warranty on our carpet stretching Beaverton, Portland, Hillsboro, Vancouver services and beyond. We believe, scratch that… we KNOW our carpet stretching stands out from the competition, so we warranty our work for life. Yep, you read that right – FOR LIFE. 

One issue that often arises with loose carpets needing a good stretch is creases developing in the carpet. If you or your family or guests have tripped on a carpet crease we probably don’t need to tell you the benefits of our guaranteed carpet stretching service, but we will anyway

  • SAFETY – you obviously don’t want your spouse, kids, extended family, in-laws tripping and falling on a large crease that looks like a mole trail in your living – ESPECIALLY NOT the in-laws!
  • LIABILITY – you really don’t want friends or guests tripping and falling in your home, as you probably know you’re potentially financially liable for that kind of stuff.
  • MESSES – aside from potential banged up noggins or fall related injuries, imaging tripping on that carpet bump with a full glass of red wine in your hand, or how about the kids with a piping hot plate of spaghetti!​

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Needing a serious stretch
Creases tremble in fear
Rotovac obliterates creases
Stretched, cleaned and renewed!

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I was blown away by what an amazing job Carpet Savers did on my carpets. They've looked terrible for so long with the mounds and stains. Carpet Savers stretched and cleaned them and had them looking like new when they were finished. I honestly didn't think they'd look this good but they do!
Lisa S.
Homeowner in Oregon City, OR