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We trust Prochem & Pro’s choice for the highest quality cleaning & safety

At Carpet Savers, we’ve chosen the industry’s best carpet cleaning equipment and cleaning agent providers for our home and we’re proud to bring them to your home or business – Prochem and Pro’s Choice! 

Prochem equipment and products provide the highest quality cleaning as they are tough on stains, dirt and grime, while being safe for you, your family and the environment. That is a key component of the Carpet Savers experience – safety! Not only do we provide a level of quality that exceeds our competitors when it comes to cleaning, we also make sure that our processes, equipment and cleaning agents are 100% safe… safe for you, safe for your family, your pets, neighbors, guests and especially safe for our shared environment. Like Prochem, Pro’s Choice offers a line of cleaning agents that we trust implicitly to clean, refresh and renew your home or business while being 100% safe for everyone inside and the environment outside.

Prochem Everest HP truck mounted carpet cleaner

The Everest HP from Prochem is truly the top of the class, which is why the Everest is our go to for restoring carpets all over the Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA metro areas. By using a truck mounted cleaner we’re able to ensure minimal disruption in your home and a superior cleaning. The Prochem Everest HP pretreats, cleans and extracts the dirt from your carpets, removing it completely from your home. There are no risks of spills or contamination as everything is extracted out.

The Prochem Everest HP is also the best choice for our shared environment. With the e-idle system, the Everest HP idles down when not in use by our team, reducing fuel and power consumption. Less fuel and electricity consumption makes it more energy efficient and eco-friendly. And at Carpet Savers, we pass those savings on to you. Our affordable prices are driven in part by the efficiency and economy the Prochem Everest delivers to us as a business.

We trust Prochem & Pro’s choice for the highest quality cleaning & safety

Whether it’s stain and spot remover, detergents, shampoos, protectants or upholstery treaters, Prochem is our top choice for cleaning agents for your home and our home. Prochem cleaning agents not only deep clean and renew your carpets, floors, tile and furniture, using Prochem actually increases the surface’s resilience to future stains, dirt, wear and tear. And with a protectant applied, you can be assured you’re helping to extend the life of your carpets, tile floors and furniture.

Prochem is constantly striving to improve its products to make them more effective and efficient while maintaining its high standards of safety. At Carpet Savers, we do the same. The safety of your home, family, furry friends and our environment are priority number 1 for us. If you’d like more information on the fine line of safe, eco-friendly, industry leading products and equipment at Prochem, click here.

Pro’s Choice cleaning agents

When it comes to pet issues, urine and odor can can be murder on your home. With Pro’s Choice quality cleaning agents Carpet Savers is able to neutralize these issues and return those surfaces to like known beauty.  Pro’s Choice cleaning agents are extremely effective, but more importantly they’re extremely safe in your home. To learn more about the fine products we trust from Pro’s Choice, click here.

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